The Lava Legato Foundation carries out activities related to charities, volunteer work and work in aid of the community.

 The Lava Legato Foundation focuses on three areas:

·       volunteer work

·       special education

·       local community

and works on social entrepreneurship to support the three focus areas.


The Lava Legato Foundation works with a group of professionals and volunteers who organize and coordinate international volunteer activities and development programs.  

One of the structural activities is facilitating volunteer work, in Rotterdam and The Hague, but also in Vorden at the biodynamic farm Urtica de Vijfsprong and the Kleine Koning, a residential house for children with special needs. Up to date information about these activities can be found on the Lava Legato Facebook page.


Partners that Lava Legato has collaborated with

AGENTSCHAP NL, agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation and Agriculture

LMC, special education department

Olympia college, special education department

Middin (care organization for 5.500 clients with special needs)

Arosa (women’s shelter)

Da Vinci College (vocational training centre)
Province of South Holland (local government)
The Hague city council
Vocational training centre Zadkine
Rijn IJssel College (Vocational training centre)
Higher vocational educational institution Arnhem and Nijmegen
Province of Noord-Brabant local government
Vocational training centre Mondriaan