Ivan graduated in History and specialized in Archaeology at Oviedo University (Spain). After his studies, he worked for the City Council of his city in Spain for the department of Urbanism and Civil Works. He was involved in a reintegration program for people who suffer from an addiction and people with a criminal record. The objective of the program was to create new opportunities for the target group and to add a new, positive dimension to work.

Later on, he travelled to Sweden to manage an ecologic garden where clients were working who face psychiatric and psychological issues. That is where he put into practice what he learned himself about social gardening. He exchanged ideas with people with similar ideas and values and he helped out to develop and start new projects.

Since August 2016, he collaborates with the Lava Legato foundation in supporting volunteers, initiating the learning company and Northern Spanish restaurant Leira and helping the organization with a wide variety of other activities.