Grew up on the south side of Rotterdam. He knows this area and the developments that took place there like no other. After Ewald finished his studies in the catering business, he started being an entrepreneur. He specialized in mediation of art projects and the stimulation of enterpreneurship among artists. He collaborated with a variety of commercial and governmental organizations like Honda Nederland, Wyett, the ministry of Trafic and Water, the ministry of Security and Justice and DSM.

With his own company Fruit de Renar he started the collaboration with the Lava Legato foundation. Together they founded in 2011 the Rotterdam fruit preserve. In 2018 this social -best practice- business was handed over to the Social Delight foundation. From 2018 on the collaboration continues with one of the new projects;  the espressobar the Polka dot Rabbit in the Rotterdam center cube house distrtict.