The Lava Legato foundation offers volunteer work abroad for young people between 18 and 30 years old as part of the Erasmus+ program European Solidarity Corps. The program lasts between 2 and 12 months and offers fulltime volunteer activities, a language course, an additional health insurance and training programs. Food allowance and accommodation are covered. 


In order to do international volunteer work, you need to fit certain criteria:


  • All Erasmus+ volunteer projects need at least three partners: a hosting organization, a sending organization and a volunteer. 
  • You need an English CV and motivation letter to apply for a project. The motivation letter is used to explain why you would like to participate in the project. 


  • You need to find a project abroad where you can do your volunteering. Please check the European Solidarity Corps website of the Erasmus+ program. 
  • A grant should be applied to finance the project. This is done by the sending or hosting organization. Please take into account the deadlines for applying for a grant. Only after the grant is approved you can go abroad. Contact us to find about the next deadline. 
  • The volunteer work offered by Erasmus+ is not a holiday: it means committing yourself between 2 and 12 months -depending on the offer by the hosting organization- to fulltime volunteer work. 
  • Erasmus+ projects can take place all over the world, but Lava Legato only works on projects that take place in Europe.
  • It is possible to obtain a certificate of your participation: a Youthpass. 
  • Lava Legato sends, coordinates and hosts volunteers. In the Netherlands, the hosting takes place in different areas. In Rotterdam and The Hague volunteers work for a variety of social and educational organizations.  In Vorden, volunteers work at the biodyanmic farm Urtica de Vijfsprong. In Vierakker volunteers work in the  residential house for children with special needs, de Kleine Koning.