Since the Polka Dot Rabbit is a new project and only started in 2018, we have limited footage. We therefore would like to show you some more of one of the previous projects that we did: Rotterdamsche confituur: a project that was initatied in 2011 and that was aimed at providing internships for students from special education. A professionlonal work placement was offered to where real products -high quality fruit preserve- was made.The Rotterdamsche confituur was taken over by three Rotterdam ladies in April 2018. It enabled Lava Legato to start with a new project. In 2018 the Polka Dot Rabbit gallery will reveal more pictures. The aim of the Polka Dot Rabbit will be the same: by combinining different fields of expertise and working together with different types of professionls, social goals can be achieved.  


Noelia and Ivan busy for Leira, the popup restaurant in the Rotterdam Confituur shop.

Nisha one of the interns in school year 2015-2016. 

Hani and Rais, two interns in school year 2014-2015.

Banana cake, pear pastry and brownies!

My Sweet Honey: from Rotterdam: sold at the Rotterdamsche confituur. 

Children from the south district making Rotterdamsche confituur. 

Fruit pastry, home made!

Cheyenne and Sugainy, two interns in the school year 2013-2014.. 

Pears from the region, used to make fruit preserve with figs & pine nuts. 

Did you see us on the bill board on the south side of Rotterdam?