Lava Legato was founded in 2001. It is a foundation and its mission is to stimulate entrepreneurship and international activities among young people.

From 2004 to 2006 a Lava Legato representative (Jessie Voermans) was contracted by the Dutch government (Agentschap NL (Ministry of Economic Affairs) in collaboration with the Ministry of Education)) to contribute to the grant program Education and Entrepreneurship to stimulate entrepreneurial learning within the educational setting -from primary school up to university-.

The Lava Legato foundation has extensive experience in setting up a variety of learning companies and social businesses. In 2005 the foundation set up a social supermarket, named SuperStar. Vocational students were doing their internship there; people on social welfare were allowed to purchase products in the supermarket for reduced prices (because of for instance misprinted labels or damaged packaging). Lava Legato withdrew from the project in 2007. 

In 2009 the learning company trattoria Borgo d’Aneto was founded. It is a commercial restaurant where special education students do an internship. In 2011 the restaurant was separated as business and still exists, focusing on the same social goals. 

In 2011 the Rotterdamsche confituur was set up. This is a social-commercial project with the aim to produce organic fruit preserve. Together with international volunteers, local volunteers, and special education students, the six different flavors of fruit preserves are delivered to hotels, restaurants and shops.  In 2013 a first shop was opened where the fruit preserve is produced. In 2017 a second Rotterdamsche confituur shop will open its doors.

Since 2001 the Lava Legato foundation serves as hosting, sending and coordinating organization for international volunteers as part of the Youth in Action, Youth and now Erasmus+ program. During the project activities volunteers learn about social entrepreneurship by working at the Rotterdamsche confituur. They are also active for a wide variety of other organizations, like Middin (a care organization with more than 4.000 clients), CJV (a local youth organization that organizes activities for children in the district), Havensteder (a housing corporation), Monteiro Gym (a boxing school that supports children and youth in self defense), Rotterdamse Munt (an urban garden) and more.  Volunteers are also involved in developing and maintaining the Lava Legato website and the financial administration of Rotterdamsche confituur.

In 2017 two Spanish EVS volunteers started a pop-up restaurant Leira. It is located in the Rotterdamsche confituur shop and serves traditional Spanish food.

Lava Legato serves as coordinating organization for the EVS project Urtica de Vijfsprong (a biodynamic farm) and the Kleine Koning (a residential house for children who are in need of additional support).

Lava Legato’s people are professionals (running their own business), local and international volunteers and special education students. The foundation only hires entrepreneurs and does not have people on the pay list.  The foundation has a board -three members- who coordinate the team of specialists that is hired for specific activities.